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THC Capsules and pills are the best choice for those who prefer a non-smoking solution to cannabis. Enjoy the benefits and effects of THC in a controlled manner without inhaling toxic smoke that will ruin your lungs.

At Mail Order Marijuana, discover the reason why so many people are taking THC extract pills.

THC Capsules Overview

THC Capsules are pills that come from cannabis extracts. It is the ideal choice for people who have respiratory problems to avoid smoking medical cannabis. With each pill containing exact amounts of THC extract, this makes it accurate to get the perfect dosage you need.

Benefits and Effects of THC Capsules/Pills

People take THC capsules for many different reasons. Since it is just swallowing a pill, it is an attractive solution to avoid harmful by-product smoke entering your lungs. When you smoke cannabis, the people will around you will be greeted with the smell. Having no odor from consuming these pills also makes for a discreet method that smoking cannabis does not allow.

For those who have a lower tolerance of THC, the precise nature of eating a pill makes it easy to track how much THC is being consumed at a given time. Compared to making a joint, there is also no clean-up process in taking a pill.

Medical benefits of using THC capsules/pills include:

  1. Reduce depression and anxiety
  2. Relieve pains such as arthritis and back pain
  3. Increase appetite and ability to sleep

How Long Will The Effects Last?

THC capsules provide a sensation that will run through your entire body. The effects of THC capsules last anywhere from 1-4 hours. However, factors such as tolerance levels of an individual and body types will affect the length of the THC pill effect as well.

Difference Between CBD and THC?

THC and CBD pills are similar in which they both come from the same cannabis flower. The main difference between the two is that users will be able to feel the effects of THC and not the effects of CBD. This means that ingesting CBD pills will not be intoxicating, where the user won’t feel high.

For those who just want the pain management benefits of cannabis, CBD pills are the better option for you.

How To Use

We recommend users start slowly in a low amount to avoid an overdose. It generally takes around 45 mins to 2 hours for the effects of THC to kick in. Because capsules are ingested, it can be more intense compared to smoking weed.

Where To Buy THC Capsules in Canada

If you’ve been thinking about getting the benefits of cannabis in a controlled manner, THC capsules provide the perfect solution. At Mail Order Marijuana in Canada, we offer THC extract capsules starting from a dosage of 10mg at $2.

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